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Frequently Asked Questions (iPhone, iPad, Android applications)

How do I synchronize entries with my spouse/caregiver?

To link several accounts and do automatic synchronization on each account:
* on the mobile App: tap on the child name at the top of the screen, then on "Add Parent/Caregiver" under the Caregivers section, then enter the new caregiver email.
* on the Web App: click on the Settings link at the top right of the screen, then on the child name, then click on 'Add parent/caregiver'.

Your spouse/caregiver needs to create a Baby Connect account with the iPhone or Android application, or at, with the exact same email you've entered in the 'new caregiver email' field or by using the invitation code included in the invitation email. Each account will then be linked to your child, and everybody will be able to view and enter information about your child.

How do I cancel my monthly recurring subscription.

Your subscription is handled by Apple or Android, you need to cancel your subscription on the AppStore/PlayStore. Here is a link describing how to do it on the iOS AppStore: and on the Google PlayStore:

Can I create an entry for a previous time or a previous day?

Yes, just tap on the date and time button when creating the entry, then enter any day or time.

My app doesn't synchronize with others caregivers.

Synchronization issues are usually due to network connection problems on one of the device.
Here is what you can try:
- verify that the others caregivers are listed on the authorized caregiver list of the child profile
- connect to to figure out which device is not syncing correctly (are entries saved by you or by others listed on the web applications?)
- restart your device,
- change the wifi or 3g network used.
- if you're using a public wifi (hotel, hospital, ...), make sure you don't need to log in to the network. Usually opening a browser page will redirect you to the wifi login page.

Which tables are you using to calculate the growth percentiles?

Baby Connect supports the US CDC tables and the World Health Organization (WHO) tables.

How do I change my account email address?

Go under settings / Account info and enter your new email address there.

What is the maximum number family member or caregivers that can be linked to a child profile?

No limit.

What does the 'entry time based on' preferences means?

The 'entry time based on' settings in the preferences indicates whether the app should use the start time or the end time of an entry when showing it in the chronological list, and in the summary. For instance, for a Nursing entry starting at 1:10AM, and ending at 1:45AM. If the entry is based on the start time, then the entry will be shown in the list at 1:10 AM (so before an entry at 1:30AM), and the summary will show 'Last nursing at 1:10AM'. If the entry is based on the end time, the entry will be shown in the list at 1:45AM (after a 1:30AM entry), and the summary will show 'Last nursing at 1:45AM'.

Do you support metric units?

Yes. You can use ml or oz for bottle size, kg or lbs (or lbs/oz) for weight, cm or ft/in for length, Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature, and compare the growth with international data from the World Health Organization or with the US CDC data. The date and time format follows your phone settings.

Can you import data from another App?

No, there is no bulk import capability, only manual creation.

What is the difference between automatic and low frequency synchronization?

With automatic settings, the synchronization is done whenever you start the application, or when you post a new entry, or every 5 minutes. With low frequency, the synchronization is done when starting the app and every 10 minutes.

Can I save an entry for several children?

Yes. On the iPhone, iPad and Android applications, tap on the down arrow button at the top of the screen (at the right of the child picture). On the Web application, just click on the child names or photos.

How can I edit the list of available medicines, and the customized labels?

The list can be edited under settings > customize labels.

[Mobile app only] How can I add new categories to the graphs.

You can only remove categories by removing them from the home page (in Settings > Customize home page). You cannot add new categories. The app has no graphs and statistics for the cups and solid food categories.

[Mobile app only] How can I download all photos to my camera library.

Download the photos month by month by tapping on the 'Photo' button on your home page, then choose 'Browse Photos', then tap on the 'Select/Download' button at the top right of the page.

[iPhone/iPad only] What is the number icon on my app button for?

The badge number on the application is the number of active Timer. When launching the app, a clock icon will appear on each category for which a timer is active.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account on the mobile app under Settings > Account Info, or by sending an email to asking for the deletion.